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About Us

About us

Remember the time when your mom made that butter chicken or dal makhani at home and just the smell of it being cooked made for mouth-watering appetite !?
What made it special was perhaps the twist in the dish that your mom tried or that secret ingredient she added that made it stand out
The magic of the dish , you would agree , was in the experimentation and not the perfection! it is the experiment or that special touch as we call it , which made the dish uniquely authentic to your mom and made you proudly invite your friends to come and savour something they had never eaten before
inspired by all such Mom's in the world , We decided to rest on the shoulders of the legendary scientist Marie curie who chose experimentation over perfection and have humbly adopted a twist in our name ' Madam curry ' to pay tribute to her philosophy
At madam curry , we promise to bring you your favourite classic recipes with an experimental twist to tease your palette adding newness
Thank you for choosing to experiment with us and we sincerely look forward to hearing what you thought and how you felt !
Experimentally yours , Madam curry

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